Mrs. Daliah Singh-Gurdon

My name is Daliah Singh-Gurdon and I am so happy to serve in the role of Assistant Principal with the District 2 Pre-k Centers.   I began in this position when the Pre-K For All Program rolled out in 2016, working with our youngest learners in District 2.


Working in an early childhood environment gives me great joy daily as I spend time in the classroom with the children and teachers.  The children have many unique learning experiences daily and have the opportunity to be their authentic selves as they participate in planned developmentally appropriate activities through purposeful play.  

I believe that all children can learn and grow with teachers who ignite the love of learning in them.  Providing a strong foundation in Pre-K is key to our children’s growth and development as they move up the ladder and become pillars of our society.    

Mrs. Lisa Lew

 My name is Lisa Lew and it is a privilege and an honor to serve as Assistant Principal for the District 2 Pre-K Centers. 

It is my passion to develop positive relationships within our school community, strengthen connections between school and home and foster a positive school culture for students, families, and staff. 

I look forward to meeting each of you and learning how I can best support you throughout this year.