Our Mission

District 2 Pre-K Centers strive to foster a love of learning, while creating meaningful opportunities for children to investigate, construct and share knowledge of themselves, others and the world

around them.


We believe that students thrive in a joyful, safe, inclusive, developmentally appropriate learning environment in partnership with our communities.


This culture for learning ensures students are prepared to continue to inspire, build and thrive as learners.

Our Values 

Trust - Building trust by valuing differences and creating a community in which all children, families, and staff feel welcomed and included.  


Supportive Environment - Building responsive, healthy, nurturing, and predictable environments for all children, families, and staff. 


Rigorous Instruction - Engaging students in learning through a variety of play-based and developmentally appropriate learning experiences, to ensure that instruction is based on children’s individual strengths, interests, and needs. 

Aisha Thurman-Cosby

Early Childhood Director District 2 Pre-K Centers 

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”

Dr. John Trainer

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Kelly McGuire


Early Childhood Director

Aisha Thurman-Cosby 

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